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Product Description

Cartobi offers a full range of highly intuitive and dynamic maps that allow you to view, filter, select, analyse and report on the distribution of your invoice and purchase transactions and gain new insights using your existing account with Tradeshift, Sage 1, Harvest etc.
Discover more by creating and editing boundaries for geographic areas such as sales territories, add further layers of your own external data and undertake competitor analysis and use time bars, heat maps and clusters to visualise patterns in your transaction data. Output maps and analysis for reporting through PDFs or for views you want to return to later. Cartobi brings a new dimension to understanding your business.


Cartobi on Tradeshift    Cartobi on Tradeshift    Cartobi on Tradeshift    Cartobi on Tradeshift   Cartobi on Tradeshift    Cartobi on Tradeshift    Cartobi on Tradeshift    Cartobi on Tradeshift

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