Map your business

For Tradeshift users, Cartobi offers a range of highly intuitive and dynamic tools to view, filter, select, analyse and report on the distribution of your invoice and purchase transactions. As you log into Cartobi so your data is displayed on the map.

Discover more

Cartobi offers the ability to create and edit boundaries for geographic areas of your business such as sales regions. Once created its  quick to view and analyse variations in performance or volumes of accounts to plan the best use of your resources.  And then go further by adding data layers from external data. This can be anything from competitor and customer locations to locations of target customers, regional offices, depots, customer complaints or compliments.  Compare and analyse these layers to discover even more.

New insights

Make use of Cartobi interactive tools to visualize, identify patterns and make new insights about your business. For example show your transactions as clusters or heatmaps, show by client or specific product or use the time line to visualize sales or purchases to different periods. And as you change these filters the map and financial totals change dynamically. It’s as simple as that.

Let the picture speak

Using your analysis, content and maps from Cartobi to share and collaborate with others couldn’t be easier. Providing a geographic and visual view of your data in reports or presentations can make all the difference. Simply save and share maps and content as PDF or for views you want to return to later.

Integrated Platforms


Cartobi is available as a free or subscription app on Tradeshift - a platform for all your business interactions including invoicing and supply chain finance. Use Cartobi to map, analyse and report on all your Tradeshift transactions.

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Cartobi for Sage One - online accounting and payroll services for small business and their accountants - is now available to new and existing Sage One users to join

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FreeAgent is an easy to access, simple to use and quick to deploy online time recording workflow that includes invoicing and expenses in a single online environment. And soon Cartobi mapping, analysis and reporting tools will be integrated with FreeAgent to further enhance your business decision making.

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KashFlow is a pioneering internet-based accounting system with lots of automated features designed to take the load off small business owners and shortly it will include the core functions of Cartobi to provide the geographic perspective on your business.

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